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What’s your Vacation Flavour?

It seems that everyone has a different ‘Vacation Flavour’.  Some like adventure while on vacation, and others simply want to curl up with a furry companion and a great book.  Others, like myself, choose a little bit of everything wrapped in one!  That is what is so great about Whitewater Village.

For those who love relaxing in the most beautiful setting imaginable, maybe a nice sauna, or a relaxing late night swim ­- Check!  For those who like to fish, kayak, swim, gentle raft, socialize Š- Check!  If family time is your thing ­for kids both young and old ­they all want something different ­ – Check!  Adrenaline Junkies, need not stay at home!  If you seek bungee jumping, or high water, whitewater rafting, there is no place better! 

No matter what your vacation flavour is, it is always nice to unwind at the end of the day.  Although there is no need to leave the cottage, there are options.  Just up the road is Whitewater Brewery,  a great spot for live music, superb casual eats, and a nice cold beverage. 

I for one, like all flavours ­ and have tasted them all at Whitewater Village!

– Cory Young

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