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The Ultimate Girls’ Retreat at Whitewater Village

December 14, 2014 – Written by TurnipSeedTravel

When four girls converged on Whitewater Village, we had recipes for cookies – and fun!

What do you think happens when four women, who haven’t let their hair down in a long time, get together for a weekend retreat with no men allowed? There’s a wee bit of wine, a heaping serving of gossip, and a whole lotta food! Add in a gorgeous cottage in the pristine setting of the Ottawa Valley and you have a recipe for adventure and fun (and hopefully not too much mischief)! I was eager to add my own kind of recipe into this mix – of the gooey, indulgent, Christmas cooking kind – and was keen to share some festive treats with my girlfriends.

But before I could whip up a recipe for mischief or cookies, the cottage beckoned us to relax.  This was no ordinary property. The cottage is part of the Whitewater Village, a cottage co-ownership community just outside of Ottawa.

The cottages and the community are designed to cater to the needs of owners who want their own slice of the cottage ownership dream but without the year round commitment (and all the maintenance). Given the way the four of us flocked to the fireplace and sunk into the living room couches,  I can attest that to the fact that these cottages are absolutely irresistible!

The fireplace, which burns compressed pellets of recycled wood shavings, is a great example of Whitewater’s green commitment. These are luxury properties that don’t compromise on protecting the environment. And the fireplace was an extra special treat for me, as I grew up with a wood stove and there’s just something about being next to the flickering flames and glowing light that makes me feel completely relaxed.

As luck would have it, my kindly roommates offered up the master bedroom to me and, being on the ground floor, I was just steps away from the fireplace and my evenings (and morning baths!) were warm and snug, even though it was the end of November. You would never know winter was approaching and the combination of the fireplace and the geothermal heating kept us perfectly comfortable.

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