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Owner Post – June 20, 2014

Lucky are the Owners and guests who were here this week.  This is as good as you could hope for in early Summer!  Some people went for a swim although the deeper water is still cold.

Some observations to pass along:

Ottawa Valley Cottage CountryThe beach is looking great, all ready for another WWV Summer.  The kayaks and canoes have not been moved yet but I understand that may happen this coming week before the first Summer week on June 27th.  An improved raft and dock have been added, with the raft being brought a bit closer to shore.  Both are quite nice.

Lucky are the Owners and guests who were here this week.

Golf cart users going to Rafters or WT will be pleased to learn that we can now use the very pleasant road next to P1 since the opening near the gate has been widened to golf cart width. A new by-pass has also been constructed to allow a golf cart to go around the gate if it is closed.  No need to fumble with the combo lock in the dark on the way back from a party at Rafters!  Great!

Horse Country seems to be more active this year with several special events planned.  Several trails have been improved to accommodate horses and riders which also improves things for hikers.  A win-win, aside for the new fertilizer.

During a hike today along the Rafter to Rapids trail, we found many patches of wild strawberries on route which of course caused several very delicious delays.  Always a treat.

Please note there seems to be a bumper crop of chipmunks this year, a cyclical thing I expect.  Coincidentally, there also seems to be very few (if any) predators around just now but that will likely change to reduce their numbers.

Finally, a new crop of high school students are being taught the fine skills of kayaking and canoeing this week.  Interesting to watch.

Have a great week,

Ron & Barb