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Owner Post – June 2, 2015

chippyWe have had an incredible time here this week:sunshine, light breezes and lots of wildlife. The fireflies are out as are the geese on the rocks off the point, the heron making repeated flights over the water, the two turkey vultures who flew repeatedly just over the rope swing dock in front of our cottage, the loon calling, the birds singing and the abundance of chipmunks! With the exception of the hungry mosquitoes, it is great here so far this week.

We had a great lunch at WT yesterday followed by an hour or two watching the cowboy/horse competition at Horse Country. Very interesting to watch the 20 or so riders go through the obstacles. The folks there were very friendly as well, explaining the concept of the competition and the facilities.

If you are up this week, we hope to see you at the beach or on the trails.

Neil and Kathy Thompson