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Our “Reset” Button

Whitewater Village is the place where our busy family of five reconnects with each other, extended family, friends and nature. We purchased in 2009 when there was but a single model cottage and a beautiful peninsula to spark our imaginations and capture our hearts. It took but a two-hour visit to know that this was THE place our family would grow up together.

And grow up we have. The cottage has become our second home, but better: no maintenance, no repairs, no worrying about docks, decks or dirty floors. Our kids now 10, 11 and 13, play freely and ignite their imaginations at the beach, in the woods and the wide open spaces. Freedom from household routines has allowed us to fully enjoy Whitewater village in every season — from celebrating the men’s 2010 Olympic gold medal win, to large family gatherings at the beach, to girls’ winter weekends, to quiet solo visits for reading and relaxing. We enjoy all that Whitewater has to offer, from quiet docks for early morning yoga as the mist burns off the water, to reconnecting with other cottagers, to enjoying the amenites of Wilderness Tours, to exploring the river in kayaks, to watching first-time guests jump of the dock on the rock – our cottage rite of passage. It has been a precious gift to and for our family – one that we will enjoy sharing with our friends and loved ones for decades to come.

-Ellen and Sean, WWV Owners (2009)