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Our own little piece of heaven

We live in a quiet part of Ottawa so it wasn’t just peace and tranquility we were looking for – we wanted a little getaway with the luxuries we are used to and enjoy. A home away from home… but not too far away from home that it was a chore to get to in the first place. Waterfront and a good view of the river/lake were must-haves.

We were looking for a waterfront cottage but every time I found one and suggested we put an offer down, my husband would get cold feet. Maintenance, unnecessary money spent for upkeep, insurance and other costs, most importantly time to reopen, manage and close the cottage every season were the main hindrances.

Finally, I booked a discovery stay with Jason’s help and we stayed at P5 which has a stunning view from the deck and screened in porch – we were in love with the cottage!

We decided this was perfect – maintenance-free and luxurious just as we wanted. 5 weeks per year is what we saw ourselves spending at the most in a cottage anyways, if not a little less, so this was just perfect. After a few meetings to decide on which one, we finally purchased our share and are now proud and happy owners of our own cottage in Whitewater Village!

After spending our first summer week at Whitewater Village, we must have said at least a dozen times or more, “This was such a good decision!”

We invited a few of our friends with their families to the beach for a lunch BBQ and to spend the day. Everyone loved it there, some stayed the weekend and it was just perfect. We heard it was going to rain and were afraid we wouldn’t enjoy our time as much but, that was absolutely not true, we had our meals on the screened-in porch and the cool gentle breeze made it even more beautiful.

We watched movies every night and our toddler loved his playtime in the loft area. Rides in the golf cart were a BIG hit with our little one (Hey! I loved them too!) And we would drive up to Wilderness Tours lodge to enjoy a meal or cup of coffee, watch people play on the courts, our little one even practiced holding a hockey stick for the first time.


A ride up to Horse Country was fun, we took pictures with the horses and our son played in the park. We met the owner, Walter, such a nice, warm gentleman. He welcomed us there and said we were free to use the playhouse whenever we wanted to bring our son over and book horseback rides too (a discount for WWV Owners makes their trail rides and other packages even more attractive).

We came home relaxed, rested and happy. We cannot wait to go back. The cottages and resort are wonderfully maintained, this is a hidden gem in the area and people who purchased shares in the cottages will only want to buy more (as many have already done already). Whitewater Village is truly a personal piece of heaven for cottage lovers and we are excited to be owners!

Rasna & Deepak Arora

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