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Our cottage is for our families to come together

Another summer has come to an end for us at Pine Circle. We have been lucky to begin the summer with a week in June and end it with a week in August for the past few years. We have been there for 6 years and always find something new to do every time. This year we spent some time visiting the horses with the kids at horse country along with our kayak trip across the river to our quiet retreat for a picnic with the kids. Our cottage is for our families to come together and enjoy spending quality time swimming, kayaking, and just hanging out with family and friends with no worries of having to spend time repairing, cutting grass and any other things you would do if you had a cottage. We have a few traditions that we enjoy every time we come up and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Beautiful property, great beach and many trails to go walking around or biking. It’s a nature’s paradise and even if the weather is not great, you can play card games or just enjoy reading a book, things you take for granted when at home. I can truly say I have no regrets in having purchased our cottage and our location is perfect, close to the beach where we like to spend most of our days when we are there. Always sad to leave on Friday morning!

Sylvie and Darren Delorme