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Looking back at Summer 2014

This past weekend I spotted the first tree leaves changing color and it inspired me to reminisce on the 2014 summer season that’s soon to pass.

Long, sunny days of blue skies and silky, flowing clouds were spent enjoying the private beach and exploring the lake in kayaks and canoes. This daily routine was only interrupted by local festivals hosted on our neighbouring property, Wilderness Tours, and in Beachburg. While normally a peaceful oasis, Canadian musical talents such as The Arkells and The Sheepdogs drew a vibrant and eclectic crowd to our cottage haven. Hearing familiar melodies in the distance from the porch of the Beach House caused me to remember that we are are only kilometres away from the city.

Local business’s such as Whitewater Brewery found success in the launch of new tours and services and provided guests and WWV owners with private samplings of their seasonal brews. They capped the summer season with a comedy show held at the Brew Pub;  puns and pints – what more could you ask for?! For children and youth, Horse Country launched a Learn to Ride program, catering to unexperienced riders and giving them an unforgettable country experience.

I look forward to greeting all our member families this fall and welcoming new ones!

Jason Daley