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A summer week of special memories

Our summer week of 2015 at the resort was one of special memories.
Julie and I have immensely enjoyed our stays in Treetops over the past 5
years, with family and friends joining us in its offerings; whether it be in
the quiet tranquility of snowshoeing during our winter weeks, the
spectacular fall colours as we kayak upriver in the fall, the welcome of
warming weather and the challenge of the nearby golf courses in the spring,
or the delights of the beach in the summer when we rekindle our youth with
creative antics on the slide and swing-rope on the cliff-side diving

This year? Well, my daughter and family were finally able to join us there
for the first time, having made the trip from Deer Lake, NL where she now
calls home. But that’s not the story. It was my just-turned 3 year old
grandson, Kasen, that just lifted my heart and led me to see the resort all
over again from the eyes of a child. Kasen is a tiny thing of abundant energy.
While his parents were out adventuring with a Wilderness Tours rafting trip,
I spent hours upon hours with him on the play-structure in the sand pit. We
built many a sand castle along the beach, alas each one immediately deemed
inadequate and demolished with a roar and a giggle. He delighted in
steering the golf cart from the vantage point of my lap, urging me to make
it go faster. And yet, this ball of energy sat so calmly, nestled in front
of me on a kayak as we skirted along the peninsula shoreline, telling me he
liked being there with me prompted a tear I admit. What a sense of peace I
have every time I reflect back to those memories.

– Ole Jensen and Julie Menard, Whitewater Village Owners

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